Octane Render Target


The Octane Render Target node is the heart of an Octane render. It is where most of the parameters reside for controlling a rendering such as Kernel type, Environment, and Render Passes. You can create an Octane Render Target in the default Houdini® MAT network (Figure 1) because the Octane ROP references this location by default (Figure 2).  However, you can create the Octane Render Target node in any MAT network.


Figure 1: Adding an Octane Render Target to the MAT network



Figure 2: The default location that an Octane ROP uses to reference an Octane Render Target


This generates an OUT Render Target with all the appropriate OctaneRender® nodes connected for the scene to render (Figure 3).


Figure 3: The OUT Render Target node


Octane Render Target Parameters


Figure 4: The Octane Render Target parameters


Each of the Octane Render Target parameters are covered in their own dedicated articles within this section.