Materials Overview


There are several types of materials in OctaneRender® that can apply to surfaces to achieve a variety of appearances and rendering effects.


The material nodes have been transitioned to the MAT network, although the material types can still be accessed from the SHOP network. The preferred method is to access materials in a scene's MAT network. You can right-click or press the Tab key in the MAT work area and choose Octane > Octane Material Builder (Figure 1).


Figure 1: Accessing Octane materials from the MAT network window


This will create an Octane VOP NET where complex materials can be designed (Figure 2). All of the Octane material-related nodes can be found outside of the Octane VOP NET node but they are more difficult to locate at the top level of the MAT network due to being mixed with all other render engine nodes.


Figure 2: Accessing Octane-specific nodes from the MAT network window, inside an Octane VOP NET node