Material Clipping


The Clipping material allows for real-time Boolean operations using a shader-based clipping process. The clipping material can be applied to a mesh, volume, or Vectron object. The new surface(s) can be automatically filled with the parent object's material and textures using the clipping material's UV set (figure 1).


Figure 1: The Clipping MaterialThe representation of the surface or volume properties of an object. applied to a cube primitive and used to clip away part of a sphere shape


Material Clipping Parameters

Enabled - Activates or deactivates the Boolean system.

Shading Enabled - If activated, the remaining area will be filled in, otherwise, it will be hollow.

Intersection Material - An intersection material can be specified here and will be applied to the clipped area, otherwise, the clipped area will be shaded with the parent material.

Priority - The material priority for this surface material.

Custom Ray Epsilon - The clipping material offset distance

Custom Ray Epsilon Enabled - If activated, the clipping material will use the specified custom ray epsilon instead of the global ray epsilon found in the Kernel node.


There are a couple of requirements for using the clipping material: