Textures Tab

Textures Tab2

Overview column

This column in the TexturesTextures are used to add details to a surface. Textures can be procedural or imported raster files. tab provides the user information regarding VRAM and Textures usage within your current project.

Resize column

Map resize factor, The user can reduce the image texture size to conserve VRAM.

Type column

Image type used such as RGB image, Grey scale or RGBA image.

VRAM column

Actual VRAM usage (click the column label to sort in ascending order)

Color-coded Column

Possible values in this column are:

SelectedMixedThe ratio of diffuse and specular reflection. usage detected (i.e., image + floatimage)

Highlighted text Octanerender type is different from native type.

Colored text Map is currently not active in the scene.

Default text Map is part of the scene and optimised.

Empty Map is currently not used by OctaneRender at all.

Sort by type Clicking this column label sorts images by native file type

Filename column

File name of image used. When you click on the file name you are provided with additional options.

Browse disk

Use this option to search your storage devices for new/replacement files.

Browse Recent

For reapplying recently used files.

Open Current Folder

Opens windows explorer showing the current location of the file on your storage device.

External Editing

Open in editor, allows you to directly edit the image/texture in your image editing software (IE: Gimp or Photoshop ETC).

Copy and Edit

Allows you to directly edit a COPY of the image/texture in your image editing software (IE: Gimp or Photoshop ETC).


Add Current

My Presets


Recently Loaded

Sorted by Name

By Object

A list of scene objects will appear under this option.

image changes watched Watched for image changes.

Dimentions column

(in pixels) of selected image file.

Materials column

Assigned OctaneRender material.

Surfaces column

Assigned Daz surface/model surface name.

Objects column

Model/object the texture is assigned to.

Origins column

Path/file location for selected texture.