Octane Camera Settings

The Octane Camera settings are stored in the DAZ Studio camera properties. To access these settings, select the DAZ Studio camera being used to render with from the DAZ Studio Cameras tab, and click on the OctaneRender subgroup.

Some of the Octane Thinlens camera pin settings are driven from the DAZ Studio camera (i.e., Frame Width and Focal Length), with the remaining pins driven from the OctaneRender subgroup in that camera.


The OctaneRender for DAZ Studio ApertureDetermines how much light enters a camera lens. A large aperture produces a narrow depth of field and a small aperture produces a wide depth of field. is in DAZ Studio terms/units, which is different from Octane Standalone.

Octane Standalone Aperture = The radius of the lens opening [cm].

OctaneRender for DAZ Studio Aperture = Aperture Diameter [mm]

lso, the aperture is based on the camera focal length, and DAZStudio’s default focal length is 65mm whereas Octane Standalone’s is 50mm.

An Octane Standalone default aperture of 0.98 (radius in cm) equates to a DAZ Studio aperture of 16.25 (diameter in mm) when adjusted for a 65mm focal length.