Known Issues

Loss of data, if the plugin is not active while saving a scene, which was previously created with the plugin

DAZ Studio doesn't keep third-party scene data, if the third- party plugin is not active and manages to add this data into a scene .duf file, whenever the scene is saved.

The plugin creates backups of it's own data (into the %HOMEPATH%OctaneRenderBackup folder), so even if this happens, the information might be recovered (methods to retrieve backups will be added soon).

To overcome this, an update will be provided, containing an additional independent plugin, which keeps track of OctaneRender data, if the main plugin is not active. If this plugin is also disabled, there is ultimately no way to keep the data within the scene .duf file.

Missing OctaneRender actions (to open the main Plugin pane and the viewport) from toolbars and/or the actual Tabs menu

Depending on the update path from previous versions of DAZ Studio and other user editable settings, the Plugin might not be able to add itself to specific Toolbars to provide fast access. This is usually still possible to do by hand, using the Customization dialog from DAZ Studio (if available at all - seems to has issues too).

At least from the "Render" main menu the two standard actions should always be accessible.

The User preset system is currently not available

All options to save Render settings, Lighting/Environment settings and materials to the globally available "User preset" database are currently grayed out - this is being worked on and will be available soon.

Connecting value type nodes to other nodes' inputs doesn't update their min/max limits.

This usually only happens for a few specific procedural nodes, where such value type nodes are accepted as inputs. OctaneRender won't accept out of limit values, so this should cause no direct problems, but the visual lead is missing. Selecting the base node will still show the correct limits anyway.

Issues with merging scenes both containing Octane data

Merging such scenes is explicitly taken care of, to keep all settings, individual materials and so on, currently there are display only issues with duplicate Octane material names, in some cases merging such scenes might crash the plugin and DAZ Studio accordingly. Until resolved to be used with care or avoided if possible.

Outdated Tooltips

A few of the available tooltips were left overs from older versions and/or were not updated prior release.