OctaneRender for DAZ Studio supports almost all features of the Standalone, including graph-based Node editing. Updates and new functions made available to the Standalone will usually appear in an updated DAZ plugin version after a short period of time.

Interactive use

OctaneRender for DAZ Studio is especially made to work interactively on a scene. Unlike common renderers or rendering plugins, all changes to cameras, geometries, lighting and materials in a scene are sent immediately to the render engine. Depending on the complexity of a scene and the available GPUThe GPU is responsible for displaying graphical elements on a computer display. The GPU plays a key role in the Octane rendering process as the CUDA cores are utilized during the rendering process. power, the viewport is updated nearly in realtime or within a few seconds only.

Transferred scene information includes:

Material system

Since OctaneRender uses its own, physically based material system, the DAZ Studio plugin converts existing DAZ Studio materials to basic Octane Render materials automatically or on demand. Specifically, it takes over used texture maps and converts parameters as possible. Furthermore the plugin cares about specifics of the DAZ Studio material management to provide easy and fast material editing for OctaneRender.

The plugin supports all materials and material-specific functions (Nodes) found in the Standalone version.

MaterialThe representation of the surface or volume properties of an object. editing includes:


The Plugin supports all render setup specific features of OctaneRender; in particular the different rendering KernelsBy definition, this is the central or most important part of something. In Octane, the Kernels are the heart of the render engine. (Direct Lighting, Pathtracing, PMC, Info Channel), as well as Tonemapping and post processing functions. Also fully supported are the base lighting types (HDRIAn image which presents more than 8 bit per color channel unlike most common image formats. and Sun environment).

In addition complete render setups (including render sizes) can be created and immediately switched, and also saved as "User presets". Base lighting setups are managed independently from the rendering setups and can also be saved and recalled on demand and as "User preset".

Additional rendering features:


OctaneRender for DAZ Studio allows unrestricted animation rendering; 3rd party plugins to extend the animatio possibilitie o DAZ Studio are supported as long as they use standard methods to update DAZ scene elements.

In addition the plugin provides an animation cue which allows to switch cameras, Render setups and Lighting setups based on cue frames for animations as well as rendering non-animated image sequences.

OctaneLive DB

Using community made materials form the OctaneLive DB is fully supported. Live DB materials can be directly assigned to scene elements like own created Octane materials, even by drag & drop them onto the Octane viewport.

Since Live DB materials need to be downloaded from the Internet, the Plugin caches them locally to speed up further use of materials once downloaded.

Community made Live DB materials are fully accessible and editable, and may serve as starting point for own material creation as well.

Other features