Environment Tab

Environment Tab

Environment management

Enviroment file management clipboard toggle button

Toggles between this environment and the current clipboard environment (if any) for quick A/B comparison.

Preset and File management

Enviroment Delete

Delete preset.

Help button

Activates the help feature.

Environment types

Env type-1
Daylight Environment Setup:
Enviroment setup

You can navigate/pan the map by holding down the left mouse buttion and dragging the map left, right, up or down. A single left mouse button click will set your desired location with the red pin, your setting changes will happen immediately but will not be stored until you next save your project file.

Sun position (Latitude/Longitude), Month, Day, Local time, GMT offset, Sky color, Sunset color, Sun size, Sky Texture...
Enviroment sky
Sky and Sunset Color

These settings are used by the new daylight model to customize the spectral shade of light. This can affect overall mood expressed by the image.

Sun Size

This allows users to control the sun radius in the daylight environment.

HDRI/Texture Environment

HDRI Enviroment setup

The following parameters are used to adjust the proper brightness and bearings of the map:

The following parameters are used to adjust the degree of illumination of the environment map as it is applied on the scene:

Illustrating the HDRI Environment Importance Sampling:

HDRI_environment_importance_sampling Env type-3

No Environment.