Good material creation is not without texture. Especially if you want to create realistic materials you have to use texture. Whether it is image or procedural, the most important way to create good material is to use texture. First of all, we recommend you observe the world around you. It is very important to figure out what surfaces looks in what light conditions and create a texture accordingly. For example, if you want to create worn metal with many uses in the industry, the first thing you will do is find a reference picture and examine it thoroughly. Or it is much better to go outside and make your own observations. You should analyze these references carefully. Information such as how the surface diffuses, reflects, or transmits can be very helpful in creating textures. 

The texture topic is almost endless. There are many people who work as texture artists only. You have to constantly experiment to master texturing. Octane's tetxure tools are quite diverse in this regard and allow you to create the texture you want.

So, you need to read, learn and practice as we have repeatedly mentioned before.