The Stereo tab in the Octane Camera Tag contains options related to stereoscopic rendering (figure 1).


Figure 1: The Stereoscopic camera options.


Stereo Parameters


Stereo Mode

Users can enable stereo mode and choose whether to use off-axis or parallel stereo camera projections.


Stereo Output

This specifies the output rendered in stereo.


Eye Distance

This is the distance between the left and the right eye in stereo mode, measured in meters. The stereo distance is also referred to the IPD (inter pupillary distance) and is frequently exchanged with terms like ‘stereo interocular distance’ or ‘Eye Distance’. For realistic depth, use values between 0.055 and 0.075.


Swap Eye

Swaps the left and right eye images.


Left/Right Filter

The left and right filter colors are used to adjust the colors for the anaglyphic stereo affect in the render.