Octane IES Light


The Octane IESAn IES light is the lighting information representing the real-world lighting values for specific light fixtures. For more information, visit http://www.ies.org/lighting/. Light creates a preset with an IES file in the Distribution parameter. Otherwise, the Octane IES Light is identical to a regular Octane Area Light.


IES is a file format that contains the description of a light’s properties. Its typically used for simulating realistic architectural lights based on real world lights sold by vendors. IES profiles can easily be obtained online by searching for IES light profiles. Many light manufacturers allow IES files to be downloaded for free.


To use an IES profile, download the desired file and place them in a folder on your local drive. The Distribution parameter is used to specify the IES profile to use with the light. Figure 1 shows the location of the Distribution parameter.


Figure 1: The Distribution parameter links the light to the IES profile.


Figures 2 shows various IES light profile examples. Figure 3 shows IES light profiles used in a scene.

Figure 2: Various IES light profile shapes.


Figure 3: An IES light profile used in a scene.