Checks Texture


The Checks procedural texture is useful for making stripes, checker board and grid patterns. The parameters consist of UVW transform and a projection input. So you can use this nodes to adjust your checks texture.


How To Use

Open the Node editor and prepare the setup as you see in the picture below. It's simple to use. Both the "Transform" and "Projection" nodes were used to set the size of the checks and the correct UV map. Colors were created using the "Gradient Texture" node, since Checks texture does not have a default color parameter.  


Checks Settings


UVW Transform

Checks texture için PSR (position / rotation / scale) transform yapmak içindir. We have already described the Transform Texture Node in this section.



It is used to define the UV map coordinates for Checks texture according to the geometry. We have already described the Projection Texture Node in this section.