Capturing The Moment

Think of yourself as director of photography. When you try to visualize something as "beautiful", think about the time, expense and other technical details that you will spend. It is only an intellectual idea that everything is done correctly until you hit the "record" key: "Immortalizing the moment". The good DOP has this knowledge, and every good Dop can reproduce these "beautiful immortal moments" as long as there are better tools under his/her hand.

You will feel this way when you use an Octane camera. You will create many "magic" moments with Octane's camera without being too attached to the technical obstacles of the real Dop (sorry but in the digital world you can not catch a moment and immortalize it). You will do a lot of things with a lot of options with the Octane camera. Moreover, in real time comfort.

Now let's take a look at the lens of Octane camera and see what it will show us.