Anatomy Of The Live Viewer


The Live Viewer Window consists of three main section (figure 1):


Figure 1: The Live Viewer Window.


Navigation in Live Viewer


Navigating in the LV is easy and efficient. Navigating in the LV is identical to navigation in C4D, using the ALT+Mouse LMB/RMB/MMB buttons. Every camera moverment made in the Cinema viewport or the LV is synchronized with each other (figure 2).

Figure 2: The C4D and the LV windows are synchronized.


Context Menu


When working in the LV, some menus, commands and shortcuts can be accessed via the context menu (figure 3). To do this, right-click on the LV and select the option to use from the drop-down context menu. This menu works with the trigger mechanism, which means that different options may be available depending on the area, object or material clicked on in the LV.

Figure 3: The various menus, commands, and shortcuts available by right-clicking in the Live Viewer window.