The power of Carrara is in its ability to create animations. The OctaneRender for Carrara plugin can tap into this power to create an image sequence from the Carrara timeline.

Once you have constructed an animation using the Carrara timeline you can render the image sequence by selecting the Animation tab of the OctaneRender for Carrara Settings window.


Select the frame where you want to start the rendering.


Starting Sequence #

Here you can set the sequence number of frame zero. The Current Sequence # will be calculated from here.


Filename Prefix

Here you can set the prefix that will be used as the start of the filename for each image in the sequence.


Output Directory

The path to the directory that will contain the generated image sequence. Note that any existing images will be overwritten without prompting if their filenames match.


Camera Motion BlurAn optical phenomenon that occurs when a camera’s shutter opens and closes too slowly to capture movement without recording a blurring of the subject.

If enabled the camera movement will be pre-calculated to produce the camera motion blur effect.


Render Single Frame

Allows a single frame to be rendered. This is useful to capture a single frame with motion blur enabled.


Save Image

When enabled the image is saved in the image sequence. When disabled the image must be saved manually using the Octane Render View Port. This option can only be disabled when rendering a single frame.



Starts / Stops the rendering of the animation sequence (or single frame).


Images in an animation sequence are rendered until the max samples defined in the Render Target -> Kernel settings are reached.