Thin Lens Camera (Standard)

Figure below shows the node tree with Thin Lens Camera parameters.

The Thin Lens Camera parameters:

The ArchiCAD Parallel Settings (i.e. used for Isometric Perspective) are not converted into OctaneRender camera and only using the ArchiCAD Perspective Settings as a non-orthographic camera can be rendered in the Octane Render Viewport.
You can render Orthographically using the Thin Lens Camera and enable the Orthographic node. Now you can adjust the FOV, Scale of View to set your scene to wishes.


The image on top left show the camera rendered with Orthographic disabled. The Other two images are rendered with Orthographic enabled.
Note: the Orthographic images are rendered with Alpha channel enabled in the Kernel settings and the blue background was added in postproduction.

For interior renders, there may be situations where the camera is positioned inside a wall. In this case, increase the ‘Near clip depth’ to remove the wall from the rendered geometry.

Panoramic Camera

The Panoramic camera can be used to create 360 panorama images for VRImmersively engaging and experiencing depth perception in a three dimensional scene through stereo vision goggles and head-mounted displays. or other 360 experience such as 360 Desktop viewers.

Figure below shows the node tree with Panoramic Camera parameters.

The Panoramic Camera parameters: