The ScatteringDefines how fast light gets scattered when traveling through the medium. medium node helps create the look of subsurface scattering. Subsurface scattering is the phenomena where light rays enter a surface, are scattered within the material of surface, and then exit the surface (Figure 1).

Figure 1: Subsurface scattering is the key to creating the look of realistic human skin and other organic surfaces


Figure 2: The Scattering node parameters

Scattering Parameters:

Figure 3: Specifying a blue hue in the Absorption parameter absorbs blue more quickly, thus giving the object an orange appearance. The object on the left has no absorption medium, the object in the middle has ‘Invert absorption’ disabled and object on the right has ‘Invert absorption’ enabled.

Figure 4: The parameters on the left show the Reflection (white) and TransmissionA surface characteristic that determines if light may pass through a surface volume. (green) setting for all object in the previous example. The parameters on the right show the Scattering setting for the objects on the right. The Objects in the middle have the same settings but without the Emission Texture.