Saving RenderTargets

By default, a camera/view is assigned to the ‘default RenderTarget’. You can save a RenderTarget to an ArchiCAD View.

You can save a copy of the RenderTarget in the ‘Settings’ Tab of the plugin to an ArchiCAD View. To do this, double-click the view in the View Map. Then select ‘Save RenderTarget to View’ in the Additional Options popup in the Settings Tab of the plugin.

Now a copy of the RenderTarget is saved as that view name (see next figure). Note the RenderTarget name has changed. Any changes made to this RenderTarget will be separate from the ‘default RenderTarget’ or any other RenderTargets.

NOTE: Materials are not saved to the RenderTarget, only all Nodes of the RenderTarget.

The figure above shows the saved RenderTarget and ArchiCAD View Map.

If you double-click on another view the View Map which does NOT have a RenderTarget saved to it, the ‘default RenderTarget’ will be loaded. If you double-click on another view the View Map which DOES have a RenderTarget saved to it, that saved RenderTarget will be loaded.

Multiple Saved Views can have the same ID name and therefor have the same RenderTarget settings.
You can also change views in the View Map whilst rendering and the RenderTarget will change (see figure below).

When changing the ID name later the View Map will no longer be linked to the previous saved RenderTarget name. When naming the View Maps (or other View Maps) with that same name the RenderTarget will automatically recognize and link the RenderTarget (again).

The next figure shows saved View Map Cam7 with the same ID name ‘Style1’ as Cam1, and therefor both have the same RenderTarget settings.

← Multiple Saved ArchiCAD View Maps.

To change the View Map name in ArchiCAD you can right-click the View Map for the View Map Settings or edit the ID name in the View Properties.

← ArchiCAD View Properties

← ArchiCAD View Settings

When PhotoRendering, you can select the RenderTarget you wish to use from the PhotoRender Setting window. Any view which has a RenderTarget saved for it should appear in the ‘View RenderTarget’ box.

← ArchiCAD PhotoRender Settings

You can set the RenderTarget for a PhotoRender, and then save to the View Settings to always PhotoRender that view when the view is selected from the View Map. This feature can be used to create a batch render of a number of views with different RenderTarget settings.

Refer to section Batch RenderingThe process of assigning sequential portions of frames to be rendered across multiple systems..