OctaneRender Setup Window – Settings Tab

The Settings Tab tree contains all the Octane nodes defining the scene rendering parameters (ie. All nodes connected to the “rendertarget” node EXCEPT the mesh pin). Click on any of the settings to enable the edit options in the Node Parameters window.

The camera position, “look at” direction and “field of viewThe area that is visible to a camera lens usually measured in millimeters. A wide angle lens provides a larger field of view and a telephoto lens provides a narrow field of view.” cannot be changed via the Settings Tab. Instead move the ArchiCAD camera, or change the camera View Cone setting (via the “Settings” button in the ArhciCAD Navigator properties) to adjust these parameters.

Similarly, the sun direction is not set in the Octane plugin. If the Octane “environment” node is set to “daylight”, then the Octane sun position is taken from the ArchiCAD sun position, so use the ArchiCAD “Settings” button to adjust the ArchiCAD sun position, which will immediately reposition the Octane sun.

Settings Resolution

The Settings Tab contains a number of Additional Options:

Configuration – Click this button to access the plugin configuration parameters.

Default Settings – you can save the current rendertarget settings as “Default”, so when you next load a scene which does not have any saved Octane settings, it will use the “Default” settings.

Set lighting to Daylight – a shortcut way to convert the “environment” node to “daylight”

Set lighting to Image Based Lighting – a shortcut way to convert the “environment” node to “texture environment”. The bonus of using this shortcut is that it will default the texturemap used for lighting to scene to the previously used “texture environment” texturemap (for the current ArchiCAD session).