OctaneRender Setup Window – Rendering Tab

The Rendering tab contains rendering controls and statistics.

They include:

Open Viewport button

Opens the OctaneRender Viewport window and commences rendering.


Pauses the render.


Continues the render (after it has been paused).


Reloads all scene geometry and materials from ArchiCAD to OctaneRender. This is used after changing elements in the ArchiCAD scene.

Auto Focus (AF)

Click the toggle button to enable the setting of the Octane camera focal depth by clicking on an item or elements in the Viewport.

Lock Scene (X button)

Clicking this toggle button will means that NO changes to the scene, camera position or Octane node setup will propagate to the Viewport (means the render will continue whilst you work on the underlying scene).

NOTE. Imager and Postprocessing settings changes will not be applied whilst the Lock Scene button is ON.

Num LDRImage formats that have 8 bits per color channel such as the common image formats JPEG, PNG, GIF among others./HDR TexturesTextures are used to add details to a surface. Textures can be procedural or imported raster files.

These indicators show the number of texturemap slots that the render is using on your video card. If you are using more than the available slots (for example RGB: “72/64”), then you will need to reduce that number of texturemaps being used by the scene.

Resolution Lock

If this button is ON, then the resolution of the render is controlled by the Settings Tab resolution settins.

If it is OFF, then the render resizes to the Viewport size (and you can resize the Viewport by stretching the window).


Saves the current render in the Viewport to file. The file type is determines by the Image Save Format in the Configuration screen.