Gaussian Spectrum

Like the RGB Color Texture you can define a desired color, but then the Gaussian Spectrum Texture output uses a realistic Gaussian distribution spectrum.

← Setting used for middle cube below

Gaussian Spectrum Parameters:

Wavelength sets the centre of the spectrum, and Width sets the curve width. The narrower the Width, the more pure and saturated the color. You can consider the Wavelength as Hue, Width as Saturation and Power as Value.
OctaneRender is a spectral engine and is actually wavelength based, therefor Gaussian Spectrum Texture has the advantage over RGB Color Texture in being more accurate setting the color, because Octane needs to convert the simple RGB input and then appear differently at higher light intensity.
The disadvantage of using Gaussian Spectrum Texture is that you do not have a visual reference for the input like the RGB Table. The figure below might help you as a reference. It shows Wavelength from 380 to 720 (in Nanometers).