Fog With Environment Medium

This method is also known as fog + sky. This requires the need to use both the Environment and the Visible Environment pins. Users may add and experiment on the different kinds of medium nodes available, however, with the scattering quality that characterizes Fog in the real world, it is most practical to use scattering medium. Adjusting the Medium Radius in the Environment node and perhaps setting it to 2 would provide a desired effect.

ScatteringDefines how fast light gets scattered when traveling through the medium. Parameters

← Settings used for next image with fog.

In the example above, while the Daylight provides some sunlight to scatter around the scene, there is a texture environment connected to the Visible environment pin which ‘hides’ the daylight environment, so that the sun does not appear.

This figure shows the original scene without medium scattering and without the Visible Environment to compare.

Both figures show a Forest scene with Fog effect created using the Environment Medium with different settings for the Medium, but also for Sun and Exposure.