ArchiCAD materials which have an Emission Attenuation greater than the plugin Configuration “Emission Percent” will be converted to an Octane diffuse emitter material. These type of materials will typically be lights, and you will need to adjust the “power” setting on the emission node (it will generally be too high). Some ArchiCAD materials have been incorrectly configured and have a high emission percent when they shouldn’t – and you will need change the “emission” pin to “null emission” on the Octane MaterialThe representation of the surface or volume properties of an object. in these cases.

Where possible, use a single polygon geometry item as an emitter.

IESAn IES light is the lighting information representing the real-world lighting values for specific light fixtures. For more information, visit http://www.ies.org/lighting/. Lighting

It is highly recommended that all emitter materials be setup with an IES distribution. This allows the emission of light to be distributed to certain parts of the scene. IES files can be downloaded from various sources.

To use an IES lightsource:

  1. Connect an Octane Greyscale Image to the Emission node “Distribution”, and load the IES file.
  2. Scale, move or point the light by adjusting the Distribution Spherical Projection transform value.
  3. Alternatively, set the Distribution Spherical Projection “Coordinate Space” to “Normal Space” and the light will be directed in the direction of the normal of the emitter geometry


By Jeroen Tapper for Tapperworks