Deep Channel Kernel

The deep_channel_kernel creates false-color images of the scene, containing various types of information about the scene. In scenes where the environment is visible you should enable the alpha channel.

The following settings are available:

Geometric normals: the vectors perpendicular to the triangle faces of the mesh.

Shading normals: the interpolated normals used for shading. This does not take into account the bump map of the object. For objects without smoothing this is identical to the geometric normals.

Position: The position of the first intersection point.

Z-depth: The distance between the intersection point and the camera, measured parallel to the view vector.

MaterialThe representation of the surface or volume properties of an object. ID: Every material pin is represented as a separate color.

Texture Coordinates

For display these values are scaled to get values approximately between 0 and 1. All tone mapping settings except for min_display_samples and gamma are ignored. Exposure is enabled for Z-depth, and will indicate the value which gets mapped to white. To save these channels you should use untonemapped EXRAlso known as OpenEXR. This image file format was developed by Industrial Light & Magic and provides a High Dynamic Range image capable of storing deep image data on a frame-by-frame basis..