Daylight Environment

The Daylight Environment system simulates an outdoor lighting setup using real-world parameters. This node can be accessed by going to the Settings Tab and clicking the Environment node, then choosing Daylight Environment (Figure below).

Switching the Node Types (Daylight, Planetary and Texture Environment) is straightforward through the Node Parameters.

← Daylight Environment Node

The Perspective Settings of the ArchiCAD Camera will be automatically adjusted to the Sun Direction node setting accordingly.

Daylight Environment Parameters:

Note: You can edit the sun direction in the OR node, but then when activating the ArchiCAD Camera again the Sun Direction will be automatically adjusted again. Practically it is better to only use the ArchiCAD Camera Perspective to determine for the sun direction.

← Ground color set to a green

Figure Above shows result of Ground color in green, Sky Color in blue and Ground start/blend angle set to match the horizon.
Note: The shadow is generated on a diffuse mesh with ‘Shadow catcher’ enabled.