Camera Response Curve

Here you find an overview of the Camera Response Curves. Futura 100CD Futura 200CD Futura 400CD Futura II 100CD Futura II 200CD Futura II 400CD HDC 100 plusCD HDC 200 plusCD HDC 400 plusCD Optima II 100CD Optima II 200CD Ultra 050 CD Vista 100CD Vista 200CD Vista 400CD Vista 800CD CT Precisa 100CD CT Precisa 200CD RSX2 050CD RSX2 100CD RSX2 200CD Advantix 100CD Advantix 200CD Advantix 400CD

Kodak Gold 100CD Gold 200CD Max Zoom 800CD

Kodak Portra 100NCCD Portra 100TCD Portra 160VCCD Portra 400NCCD Portra 400VCCD Portra 800CD Ektachrome 100 plusCD Ektachrome 100CD Ektachrome 320TCD Ektachrome 400XCD Ektachrome 64CD Ektachrome 64TCD Ektachrome E100SCD 200CD 25 64CD



F400CD Curve OFF (Linear)