Adding lights into a composition can be done by adding an After Effects Light Layer and deploying the usual HDR lighting from After Effects (figure 1).

Figure 1: Using a native After Effects light.

Octane native lightts can also be used.


The Octane For After Effects plugin provides flexible lighting solutions directly After Effects and more complex solutions when invoking the power of the OctaneRender interface. There are several ways to light a scene with Octane, from mesh emitters to environments. Octane allows complex environment lighting with the use of the Octane Daylight Environment, a Texture Environment, orEnvironment Maps for Environment Lighting. Octane Lights and IESAn IES light is the lighting information representing the real-world lighting values for specific light fixtures. For more information, visit Lights may also be constructed from mesh emitters.

Figure 2: A Mesh emitter light.