Volume Spotlight

This is a Spotlight that uses the Spectron procedural lighting system, with blockers, barn doors, gels (in the Distribution pin) and more. Spectron is exposed as a Procedural light node type, which you can use for quick volumetric effects and spotlight generation.


Figure 1: Volume Spotlight


Volume Spotlight Parameters

Target Mode - Creates a target to orient the spotlight.

Target dist. - Set the target a specific distance from the light source.

Throw Distance - Max distance the spotlight will affect.

Cone Width - Controls the spread of the light.

Light Medium - Lets you use a specific medium.

Emitter MaterialThe representation of the surface or volume properties of an object. - Define a material with emission properties to control the light source.

Barn Doors Material - Define a material for the barn doors.

Enable Barn Doors - Toggle the barns doors on or off.

Barn Doors Size - Scales the barn doors.

Barn Door Angle - Controls the barn door angle to control light occlusion.