Vectron objects create geometry using the OSL language. Octane Vectron (Vector-Polygon) is a procedural primitive, providing infinite procedurally-generated scenes, Volumes, and geometry that bypass Meshes and Volumes.

Vectron has a zero-memory footprint, driving increased efficiencies when compared to Meshes or Volumes generated on CPUs. This enables Vectron to provide procedurally-generated scenes on the GPUThe GPU is responsible for displaying graphical elements on a computer display. The GPU plays a key role in the Octane rendering process as the CUDA cores are utilized during the rendering process. without using VRAM. Vectron provides tools in an artist’s workflow and helps render triangle-free geometry ny using OctaneRender's built-in OSL support and OSL texture shaders.

Procedural Primitives using OSL (Open Shader LanguageA shading language developed by Sony Pictures Imageworks. There are multiple render engines that utilize OSL as it is particularly suited for physically-based renderers.) vector geometry nodes let you create complex shapes, surfaces, Volumes, warps, operators, and effects. By vectorizing Meshes and Volumes into Vectron objects, you can manipulate Vectron nodes in revolutionary new ways. Examples include: spheres, strands, sound waves, infinite planes, liquids, clouds, oceans, flow field, and more.

Geometric Operators allow the Procedural OSL geometry node graphs workflow to follow the same structure as OSL texture node graphs with 4D mixing, blending, and boundary operator nodes for skinning, metaballs, and procedural resurfacing. Finally, boolean operations are also enabled in Octane Vectron.

The Vectron object is accessible from the Create tab in the Command panel under the Octane sub-category.


Figure 1: Accessing the Vectron object from the Command panel



Figure 2: The Octane Vectron parameters


Vectron Parameters

Vectron OSL Shader - Reads OSL-designed geometry.

Vectron MaterialThe representation of the surface or volume properties of an object. - Accepts an OctaneRender® Material to apply to the Vectron geometry.

Bounds - Matches the Standalone parameter, and limits the geometry calculation to a certain Volume.

Dummy Size - Determines the size of the wireframe cube in the 3DS Max® Viewport.

The Text Box under Dummy Size shows the result of the OSL compilation. Common text feedback includes Ok if there's no problem, No Shader if no OSL is set, or an error description.