An event driven particle simulation plugin suite for 3DS Max by Tyson Ibele.

Figure 1: tyFlow


tyFlow Parameters

tyFlow Particle IDs - Applies to tyFlow particle simulators without an Octane Geometry Modifier.

Create Default Particle Object - If a tyFlow particle doesn't use a geometry (e.g. sprite), it creates and uses a dummy sphere instead. This allows the system to see the generated particles by adding shapes if needed.

Use Particle Node's Mesh - Use both the particles and the mesh of tyFlow's node. This should be used only for some special tyFlow objects.

Use Only Standard Particle - Use only standard particle interface. Can be used for some particle graph when no Shape or Mesh are set. However, it is preferable to add Shape and Mesh to fully use tyFlow particle interface. Note that the scene must be re-loaded for the change to take effect.

tySplines Always Dynamic - Force tySplines object to be dynamic (Movable ProxyAn object saved as a separate file with the purpose of being reused in larger scenes. This is used to minimize any addition to the total polygon count in the scene, especially if the scene requires the same object to appear several times. If used in conjunction with instancing, Proxies help keep very large scenes from reaching polygon limits and also keeps the relative file size of the main project file manageable.).