Software Requirements


OctaneRender® for 3DS Max® requires:


NVIDIA® cuDNN Library File

OctaneRender® requires NVIDIA® CuDNN to run. You can download the cuDNN library file from here:

The library file should be placed in the either of these folders:



C:\Program Files\OTOY\[OctaneRender Enterprise 2020.1.x]\



OctaneRender® requires an NVIDIA® driver supporting at least CUDA® 9.1, and a graphics driver version 388.x or higher. Use NVIDIA Studio driver with version at least 435.80 for Windows to enable support for RTX hardware acceleration. You can find the download links for Windows® here.

Failure to install these driver versions may create instability. We cannot provide support to users of different driver versions.

The CUDA® driver is the part of the NVIDIA® driver stack that OctaneRender® uses. On Windows®, it is part of the NVIDIA® graphics driver.


Downgrading Drivers

Some drivers are released in a beta state and may cause errors when running OctaneRender®. You can revert to the previous driver by downgrading or installing an earlier but more suitable driver version.

After downloading a suitable driver from, use DDU to remove the installed driver, then perform a clean installation of the preferred driver.