Rain Bump


The Rain Bump procedural texture produces a rain drop-like pattern that can be easily animated (figure 1).


Figure 1: The Rain Bump node and it's associated parameters


Rain Bump Parameters

Time - Provides control over animating the texture effect using LUA scripts.

Ring Count - Determines how many rings each rain drop will produce.

Ring Size - Specifies the size of each rain drop.

Density - Controls how many rain drop will be generated.

Strength - Acts as an opacity parameter for the visibility of of the rain drops, higher values produce brighter effects which will produce a stronger bump effect.

Random Seed - Changes the pattern of the rain drops.

Sharpness - Blurs or sharpens the effect of each rain drop ring.

Transform - Positions, scales, and rotates the surface texture.

Projection - Sets how the texture projects onto the surface.