Gradient Generator


The Gradient Generator texture node generates a gradient pattern. This node does not have options for color selections, therefore, it can be used in conjunction with the Gradient Texture node to produce colored gradient patterns (figure 1).


Figure 1: The Gradient Generator node connected to a Gradient Texture node's Input Texture pin to produce a colored radial gradient


Gradient Generator Parameters

Gradient Type - Determines the type of gradient to be generated.

Repetitions - Determines the number of times the gradient repeats.

Polygon Sides - Determines the number of sides when the Polygonal gradient type is selected.

GammaThe function or attribute used to code or decode luminance for common displays. The computer graphics industry has set a standard gamma setting of 2.2 making it the most common default for 3D modelling and rendering applications. - Determines the Gamma correction coefficient.

Invert - Inverts the gradient.

UVW Transform - Positions, scales, and rotates the surface texture.

Projection - Sets how the texture projects onto the surface.

Repetition Mode - Determines the gradient characteristic outside of the Repetition value.