Common Scene Collection Settings


Settings for handling Geometry.

Figure 1: Common Scene Collection Settings


Common Scene Collection Setting Parameters

Use Direct Geometry Handler - Use a new geometry handler. This creates Octane nodes matching closely 3DS Max geometry created by other plugins.

Use Direct Particle - Use particle geometry instances when possible instead of a single mesh for all particles.

Keep Empty Geometry - Always create Octane nodes for each 3DS Max node of the scene, even if no geometry is available on the first rendered frame. This is needed for some animated geometry. Note that this can be changed per object, in the Octane Geometry modifier.

Octane Scene Persistency - Select the types of Octane nodes to keep in memory. This avoid re-process nodes (e.g. texture compression), and makes the work flow faster (avoiding re compiling geometry that didn't change).

Generic Velocity Scale - When Motion BlurAn optical phenomenon that occurs when a camera’s shutter opens and closes too slowly to capture movement without recording a blurring of the subject. is used with vertex velocity from a map (Velocity Channel ID), velocity are scaled with this value.